Middle Section

Middle Section

The middle class includes classes VI, VII and VIII. These are also provided with airy and digitalized classrooms.

Children get training for seminars, debates, quiz, public speaking, virtues, and values, social skills and life skills, safety rules, spirituality, goal setting, cleanliness, sports, football, swimming and co-curricular activities. Their proficiency in English is enhanced through vocabulary and read aloud competitions.

The programs in which they get in involved are Children’s Day, field trips, pleasure trip, exhibitions, food fest, notice board competition, club, IDS activity, family get together, cultural program, arts fest, sports meet, social service etc.

The Project presentations are the highlight of our school which develop a foundation for in depth study of a particular topic as well as strengthen their public speaking skills.

The curriculum is imparted in a student-centric manner. It helps students to become self-reliant and focused. It creates a tuition-free environment to spend more quality time with the family.

Field Trips

To make learning more research oriented and to give a three-dimensional view of the world we live in, Field trips are organized for classes 1- XII. 
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Learning should be thinking out of the box.  The students of classes 1- X prepare 5 to 8 projects in a year concerned to their curricular subjects.
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