KG Section


CMI kindergarten is the heart and soul of CMI Public School.

Quality education based on the basic values of life forms the foundation of our curriculum where children learn a lot through observation and activities. The vocabulary of the child is enriched through phonic based training, so as to use the English language effectively as a means of communication and expression.

CMI Kindergarten opens the window for the little ones to explore the world of knowledge in its variety. Training is given to the children to become independent and self-reliant. Special focus is given in nurturing good manners and etiquettes and also in developing social skills. The classes are colourful and attractive and audio-visual aids like the Smart Boards make learning more interesting. Recreation is provided to the children through the dance classes, yoga exercises and outing in the well-equipped park with different apparatus which are good for the growth and muscle co-ordination of the children


Vidyarambham: Vidyarambham is a significant but a solemn ceremony for the blooming buds who fly from the loving care of parents into the world of knowledge with the blessing of St. Chavara Elias Kuriakose/ Principal and Teachers.

K.G. Courtyard: It is the centre of attraction which welcomes the little ones to the world of fantasy.

Kinder Library: Kinder library is a place which promotes curiosity and entertainment, where kids meet their favourite cartoon characters through books.

Child friendly classroom: Classrooms well equipped with digital/smart boards, where playing and learning meet.

Park: Kids discover and experience the jungle gym, hanging bridge, fruits garden, etc and enjoy the paradise of nature.

Activity Room: A wonderful place for kids to explore their creativity through art, craft, music, dance, yoga and other indoor games.

Kinder fest: A stage which provides ample opportunities to each and every child to enhance their talents, build their self-confidence and develop healthy peer relationship.

Family Get-together: A gathering of parents and students of the class, with the students conducting all the programmes. Making them great leaders with no stage fear.

Graduation: It’s a memorable event where the upper kindergarten celebrate the successful completion of their days in CMI kindergarten.

Field Trips

To make learning more research oriented and to give a three-dimensional view of the world we live in, Field trips are organized for classes 1- XII. 
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Learning should be thinking out of the box.  The students of classes 1- X prepare 5 to 8 projects in a year concerned to their curricular subjects.
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