The association is known as the ” CMI Public School Parents, Teachers and well -wishers Association”.

The association aims primarily at ensuring effective co-operation among all concerned ie. the Management, Staff, Parents and the Well wishers of the school which will eventually lead to the full realisation of the high ideals for which the school stands. In its advisory capacity, the Association can:

1.Offer guidance which will help not only running the school smoothly and effectively but also setting higher goals.

2.Help to bring about conditions which will enable students to do substantial work and to have a disciplined behaviour at
home and at the school and to get a sound training in character formation and development of their personality.

3.Offer suggestions for promotions of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school.

4.Exercise vigilance and find out means to check unhealthy influences of political and communal organisations on the students.

5.Express view on matters pertaining to the education policy of the Government, and the educational reform, initiated by the Department of Education from time to time which may endanger the freedom and individuality of the school and to make representation if necessary, to the Government and Department.

6.Offer suggestions for the all-round development of the institution.

7.Propose ways and means for fund-raising programmes for the welfare of the school.