The members of The ECO Club had planted 40,000 Marigold saplings for raising fund for the SNEHASPARSHAM Programme. Now it has started blooming and is being marketed. The money obtained will be used for giving Medical aid to the needy children in the surrounding locality.

We are embedded with brimming divine innocence. The human infant is the true replica of the serene omnipotent. Each one excels and is like a panacea as we are the children of the supreme power. We are powerful members of an exceptionally noble family. We realize others joys and differing as our own. It becomes our duty to help those who are in need and to serve them wholeheartedly. Service rendered to pure fellow beings is the most sacred service. However, as we grow older, we have a tendency to move away from God due to the worldly attractions.

CMI Public school came into existence with its motto ”Jnanaya, Danaya Ca Raksanaya.” It excels in imparting value-based education with the sublime aim of transformation of minds. It is a school with a difference as it moulds the future generation to understand that there is only one caste – The caste of humanity. There is only one religion- The religion of Love. There is only one language- the language of the heart. These lofty ideals culminated into the realization of an elevated dream-“SNEHASPARSHAM – Child Care Foundation.”

Snehasparshamis the genuine outcome of the overflow of love and humanity in the hearts of Carmalites of Mary Immaculate.
Snehasparsham intends to extend a helping hand to the children suffering from acute diseases like cancer, heart diseases etc. A sum of Rs.28, 80, 000/- was provided as medical, social and educational aid to the needy people. The treatment can be availed from Amala Medical College, Thrissur and St.James Hospital, Chalakudy. CMI Public School will make the payment to the hospitals. No cash will be directly handed over to the patients.

CMI follows a vision of touching hearts and carrying out the mission of holistic development. We utilize every opportunity available to serve our fellow human beings in need. We salute our dear parents who whole heartedly support and contribute to make this mission a great reality.

“ How far that little candle throws its beams !
So shines a good deed in this weary world!!