CMI Public School and Kinder Garten symbolize the relentless quest for excellence in education and are the realization of the long-cherished dreams of many people who aspire for holistic education.

The CMI congregation having its roots in India’s own soil, is a religious community of Catholic priests, committed to the values preached and practiced by Jesus Christ. The CMI fathers are committed to zealously responding to the needs of the time internationally drawing inspiration from their Founder-Father and great visionary St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara.

Through their vast network of educational institutions all over the country , the CMI’s have faithfully adhered to the ideal of integration’- trying to bring about a harmonious blending of the spiritual values with the secular, modernity with heritage, competitiveness with co-operation, technology with humanism, self reliance and social sensitivity.

CMI Public school is dedicated to project this CMI vision of education.