Our Founder

Rev.Fr. Santhosh Mundanmani decorates the title of  the founder and Principal of CMI Public School, Chalakudy.

A great visionary, he has always strived for the constant uplift of the school in all fronts.

In 2008 as part of student exchange programme, the Principal along with 15 students and 3 teachers visited St.Mary School, U.S.A. and spent 2 months there with the host families to learn their culture and living style.

In 2009 , 6 students and 1 teacher accompanied our Principal in his visit to U.S.A. as part of this innovative cultural exchange programme.

In 2010 our Principal visited U.S.A., Japan and Singapore. In California he attended 4 educational workshops at St.Mary School, U.S.A. While at Japan he visited Mother Mary School, Tokyo.  He attended different educational seminars, discussions and had an opportunity to exchange ideas.

For elevating our school to the International standards, our Principal, has visited U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia and Dubai for the past 4 years so as to study the educational system and culture.

Teachers are also privileged to visit U.S.A. as part of their training. 

During his educational trips he has had the privilege to study the culture of Hawaii Islands which includes Maui Island, Big Island, Oohu Island, Moloka'i Island, Ka'ui Islands and Angel Island.  He has also visited Victoria Islands and Thousands Islands .

He has visited Christ the King Elementary School, Pleasant Hill, California as part of the exchange programme and witnessed children getting training in farming in the elementary level itself. He has also visited Notre dame University Illinois, Chicago and the State of Nebraska, where agriculture, farming and poultry are the main occupation. Mt Rushmore is another place that he has visited as part of the exchange programme.

As part of the ISA global Partnership the Principal has visited The Royal Docks Community School London to learn about the British Educational system.








 Award For Exemplary Service

The Principal Rev.Fr. Santhosh Mundanmany was awarded the Exemplary Servic eaward for 2006-07

by Lion's club , Chalakudy

Award of Excellence

CMI Public School received 'THE BEST SCHOOL' award from Holy Faith International in May 2007

The Activ Classroom Of Promethean Co. Ltd, London UK.

On 27th August 2009, CMI Public School received the award for the pioneer implementation of the Activ

Classroom.  Being the First School in Kerala to intorduce the Promethean Activboard, the latest of the

International Teaching Aids, the Award was handed over to the Principal, Rev.Fr.Santhosh Mundanmany

by the British Parliamentarian Mr.Charles Clarke at the 'e-India 2009' an International Exhibition and

Seminar organised by the Govt. of India at Hyderabad.

Applause From Rotary Club

Fr. Santhosh Mundanmany being honoured by Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association(CEVA)

The Principal, Rev. Fr.Santhosh Mundanmany CMI was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the Rotary

Club of Chalakudy on 29th October, 2009 for outstanding service in the vocation of education and excellent

contributions to the society.





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