C M I Public School



C.M.I Public school and C.M.I kindergarten symbolize the CMI vision of excellence in education through holistic approach. Our goal is imparting education is to help the student achieve integral growth through enhancement of his or her innate and acquired power for interior enlightenment (jnana), self giving love (bhakthi) and redeeming action (karma). The C.M.I public school aims at forming its pupils as the light and salt of the Earth, so that there may be apostles of transcendental wisdom (jnana), universal love (dana) and integral liberation (rakshana).

The CMI congregation having its roots in India’s own soil is the first religious community of catholic priest/brothers that took birth in India. The vision of CMI fathers/brothers to bear witness to the values preached and practiced by Jesus Christ by responding to the needs of the times, drawing inspirations from their founder father, blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara.

With a vast network of educational institutions spread out all over the country, CMI’s faithfully adhere to the ideal of ‘Integration’, trying to bring about a harmonious and happy blending of the secret with the secular, modernity with heritage, competitiveness with co-operation, technology with humanism and self-reliance with social sensitivity.

CMI public school is totally dedicated to projecting this CMI vision of education.

CMI Kindergarten


A home away from home

In CKG, the developmental and educational needs of the children are met through a child-centred and activity-oriented programme that provides ample, avenues for experiential  learning. The aim is to impart pre-learning skills while allowing the child to enjoy the uninhibited freedom of a home atmosphere, where they grow free and live free. CKG is really a home away from home.

Nursing little buds to bloom

·         A warm intellectually stimulating ambience that encourages learning though creative play.

·          A wide range of physical activities aimed at developing basic motor skills.

·         Healthy peer group interaction.

·         Fostering communication skills and numerical skills.

·         Encouragement to acquisition of moral values , good habits and positive self-image.

·         Promoting eco-awareness and eco-spirituality and power of observation.

·         Creating aesthetic awareness through music, dance, art and craft.

·         Using role play and fantasy for stimulating imagination and developing emotional maturity.

·         Working closely with parents to effect a smooth transition from the home to outside world.

·         Providing a team of enthusiastic, trained teachers who interact closely with the children to give them love, and security they need.

CMI public school, Hopes of tomorrow

At CMI, our endeavors are to provide and atmosphere congenial to learning with the synergy achieved by merging the efforts of the parents, teachers, management and students. The CMI enterprise is to bring up a generation of caring, committed, and confident youngsters who are fine-tuned to the human and spiritual values, and who will take their places productive and responsible members of the society.

Setting standards for excellence

·         To ensure academic excellence.

·         To uphold cultural heritage and to acquire religious knowledge and tolerance.

·         Focus on self-learning and use of IT.

·         A wide range of co curricular and extra-curricular activities for the harmonious and holistic development of personality.

·         Development of leadership traits, right attitudes, and behavioral skills.

·         Regular teacher updating programmes.

·         Special care for those with learning and other difficulties.

·         Closed rapport with parents for the all-around development of the students.



School bus will be available on selected routes.

Age of Admission

Children to be admitted to LKG should be within the age range of 3 ½ years to 4 ½ years of age as on first June of the year of admission.

The Syllabus

The course of study prescribed by the C.B.S.E will be followed. The medium of instruction is English. Malayalam and Hindi also taught.

Schooling with a difference

Training in life skills

An important question asked in the education sector is ‘what is education for or education for what?’. Education must be considered a training to be the complete man or women. Schools and colleges do not often attempt to this purpose of education and tend to ignore the children’s world of feelings, ideas, and moral dilemmas. The result is that the children do not acquire the necessary skills to cope with the realities of life effectively and independently. They are not found capable of thinking independently and making decisions dispassionately on issues such as Sexuality, Drug Abuse, Risk Behaviors, Behavior Choices, Gender Issues, Conflict-Resolution, Aggression etc. Where education does not provide the rationale for understanding these problems, children shall not be expected to have the skills to make healthy choices and take appropriate decisions. It is the acquisition of life skills, i.e, abilities for adaptive and positive behaviors that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The core set of skills under the large repertoire of life skills are Self-awareness, Empathy,  Communication, Inter-personal Relationships, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Coping with Emotion and Coping with Stress. Once one is accomplished with these skills he/she may be expected to successfully get through the complex social situations and inter- personal interactions. Besides this, one is enabled to resolve conflicts, compact, abusive situations, identify emotional complexities, refuse to participate in high risk behavior, build/improve social constructs of knowledge and negotiate/ transact various activities of daily life.

CMI public school is set out to give its children training in Life Skills, for they grow not by lessons taught in class rooms alone, but the training they get in life skills too.

Personality Development

The goal that we keep uppermost in our mind hereby undertaking various educational/cultural programmes is the grooming of the personality of each and every child under our care. In the present day world of high energy and speed, our students have to develop all of their self-esteem and talents that are dormant inside them. They have to grow full of self confidence required to face any challenge that may meet within life so much so that they finally prove themselves to be great overcomers and achievers reaching the top! We have enough proof of such students to produce at our school over these two years. Our students are not having any pre-programmed fears or constraints that are so characteristic of students in general in pre- adolescence. This strengthens our faith that we are in the right direction of forming of top-class winners and achievers. 


CMI vision of education aims at an integral de3velopment and maturing of the various dimensions of one’s personality which contribute to the general betterment of society. Since intelligence is  one of the dimensions of one’s personality and intelligent people are really an asset to any nation, we provide scientific training and tests so as to improve the intelligent quotient of the students .In the modern competitive world IQ is a key factor that decides the future of the children. Our attempts is to improve the IQ of the children go to build up their confidence level, grasping power, reasoning ability and logical thinking. Daily exposure to BBC news and periodical participation in seminars, quiz competitions etc. provide the children with ample opportunities for strengthening their IQ.


CMI public school aims at nothing short of international standards of excellence. With a view to broadening the mental horizon of its students, encouraging self-learning in them and making learning and teaching more pupil-friendly, a CD library with access to international libraries has been set up. Even such rarest and most expensive books as to be found only in the Oxford, Cambridge and other international libraries, and generally considered to be beyond the reach of the students, have been made available to them in their own class rooms. One will be surprised to see here at our library even the forth or the fifth graders of our school referring to world famous books, preparing their project works seated beside their teachers engaged in preparing their lesson plans or scheme of work. With such advanced facilities at their disposal, acquisition of knowledge has become to our students a great fun, an exciting exploration and an inner craze. With easy access to international libraries, our library gives the students an opportunity to exploit the vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom available to their convenience.  




Audio visual education via multimedia theatre has revolutionized the entire educational system today. Keeping this in mind, we have given priority to this way of teaching in our CMI public school. As audio visual learning brings the subject alive to the minds of the students, we have proved that through this method learning, can be made an exciting experience. Use of this method also goes to enhance the quality of learning and teaching.


One of the greatest inventions of man, computer is a very powerful tool today for man to add power to his brain. Aided by computers, both a teacher and learner become capable of feats never dreamt of. Hence the ‘wonder machine’   has become an inevitable part of the present educational system. We have included computer training in the curriculum balancing it with the other subjects so as to help the students to keep in pace with the modern world. We have a well-equipped computer lab in which the children are guided to independently handle the machine. Computers have been set up to meet the needs of the teachers and the students. As the computers touches  all areas of life , this lab will help the students in their present and future studies. As the use of computers has become so widespread in the present world, it is essential for teachers and learners in all branches of knowledge to have at least functional knowledge of the computer.


Off –campus study trips form a part of our curriculum,  as this approach to teaching and learning  goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression on a child’s mind. Such informal  educative trips make learning quite natural and spontaneous.  Learning through exposure to the real field also enables the children to gain insights in to the real world of things. Beside ,the also provide occasions for students  to develop social  qualities. We ,therefore, consider off-campus study trips a valuable means of   complementing the formal education for children.


One of the mixed types of art, dance is a happy blend of  the visual ,auditory and verbal types of art. A good dancer achieves perfect co-ordination  of mind and body and therefore stands out in any group thanks to his/her graceful movements and self-confidence.  A good performance is an answer to man’s learning for perfection through integration. Since CMI public school aims at integrated growth and development of the personality of its pupils, and  dance has much to contribute to the attainment of this goal ,training in this form finds a place in its curriculum.