CMI Library

The School boasts of a library where children are encouraged to read and enhance their learning through reference and research work. Well stocked, with the latest editions of journals, encyclopedias, fiction and non-fiction books, the library is a quiet haven for those who wish to take a break from the stress and strain of the school routine. Even such rarest and most expensive books as to be found only in Oxford, the Cambridge and other international libraries, and generally considered to be beyond the reach of the students, have been made available to them in their own classrooms. One will be surprised to see here at our library even the fourth or the fifth graders of our school referring to world famous books, preparing their project work seated beside their teachers engaged in preparing their lesson plans or scheme of work. With such advanced facilities at their disposal, acquisition of knowledge has become to our students a great fun, an exciting exploration and an inner craze. With easy access to international libraries, our library gives the students an opportunity to exploit the vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom made available to them to their convenience.

Our Library spans approximately 1322.5 sq. feet.

Our Book Treasure includes the following:

Our Library has a total collection of  15760  books which includes fictional , Nonfictional and Reference books. In additional to it 18 periodicals and 4 dailies furnish our Library.

Our Coin Treasure includes the following:

No. of Countries : 258

No. of Coins : 866

Our Stamps:

Our Library possess a rare and exciting collection of stamps and miniature sheets of post independent India issued by postal Department. For the reference purpose, we have accomodated this collection in to 7 volumes.

The students can access this collection and can gain a better understanding about the philatelic culture of Inda.

We have a full fledged digital library with laptops, Tabs, dvd players etc and a vast collection of DVDs and CDs to facilitate reference and learning through entertainment.