CIM Public School has been recognized by the BRITISH COUNCIL through the ISA (International School Award) which was awarded to CMI Public School in 2014.CMI Public School strives to build its students into global citizens so that they can challenge the fast growing global equations. The curriculum is designed in such a way that all its students are well equipped to face the developing world. We train our students to become smart, Independent individuals who can respect others and their cultures and live and work in a changing world. We try to achieve excellence in education as per the International standards.

We have The Royal Community School as our partner school in London and the students of both the schools are involved in collaborative work. The teachers are involved in an exchange program through which teachers from both schools visit their partner school and exchange and learn new methods in teaching. This helps in understanding the International curriculum and methodology which in turn helps in training students to become Global citizens. Various projects are being done every year in CMI Public School with the guidance of the teachers of the partner school.

Teachers from both schools are engaged in an exchange program funded by BRITISH Council. Teachers from the royal docks community school have visited CMI PUBLIC School several times. The teachers do projects during their visits and exchange ideas which helps each other in improving their school system.