Social skills or Interpersonal skills, is the ability to interact with people through effective listening & communication. This is one of the most important skills that not only kids & children, but also adolescents need to develop. As students serve as predictors of future success, it also becomes necessary to develop social skills among students.

So, right from kindergarten, we inculcate these skills in our students because we believe that when learnt at an early age it remains in our psyche for all times . We train our students in these four types of skills

Survival skills:
Following directions, Listening carefully to others.
Problem-solving skills:
Asking for help, deciding what is appropriate to do or what is good for us or not, apologizing in front of others
Interpersonal skills:
Joining a conversation or debate, sharing your views.
Conflict resolution skills:
Dealing with bullying & teasing, handling peer pressure.

From a simple hello to forgoing long-term relationships, social skills affect our everyday actions. We at CMI Public School believe that these are necessary for the development of children as they affect an individual’s life in better communication, good and healthy relationship amongst peer and others, general happiness and of course, to advance career prospects.