Monthly assessments and terminal examinations are conducted as Formative Assesment(FA) and Summative Assesment(SA) in the course of the year. Reports of all FAs and SAs will be sent to the parents appropriately.
Pupils who are absent from the terminal examinations except for a grave reason will be considered as having failed in the examination concerned.No re-examination will be conducted in any subject.
Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during examinations and tests. Students found guilty of any malpractice will be subjected to stern disciplinary action.
Pupils failing in any class for the second time will be asked to leave the school.
All are expected to do their work punctually and dutifully.
N.B. :  Examination dates given in the Calender are tentative.
Instead of awarding  ranks, we follow the grading  system as noted below:


                                                       GRADING SYSTEM

                                          Scholastic Areas:  Part 1

                                            (Grading 9 Point Scale)

                                                Grade VI- IX

          Grades                                 Marks Range                Grade Point  
             A 1                                      91-100                                     10.0
             A 2                                      81-90                                        9.0
             B 1                                      71-80                                        8.0
             B 2                                      61-70                                        7.0
             C 1                                      51-60                                        6.0

             C 2                                      41-50                                        5.0
             D                                         33-40                                         4.0
             E 1                                      21-32                                         ……..
             E 2                                      00-20                                         ……..   

                                Co-Scholastic Areas:  Part 2

                             Co-Curricular Activities: Part 3

                                  (Grading 5 Point Scale)

          Grades                                 Grade Pint Range                Grade Point  
             A                                               4.1-5.0                                      5
             B                                              3.1-4.0                                       4
             C                                              2.1-3.0                                       3
             D                                              1.1-2.0                                       2
             E                                               0-1.0                                          1